Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful Today #22

#22- I am thankful for my puppy

On June 30, this past summer, we made the crazy decision to drive over an hour away to look at a little bloodhound puppy at a rescue shelter. We went to see a specific girl but she was a part of a large litter that had been abandoned. They were all together on a fenced in patio and when we saw her, we knew she was our Molly. All of the puppies were about 4 1/2 months old and adorable. They came running to see us, jumping on the fence and barking excitedly. And then there was a sweet red haired puppy who waited sweetly for her siblings to get done jumping around and go off and play and she walked over and looked up at us with her sweet, dark eyes. She stole my husband's heart at that moment. She just happened to also be the one we saw in the picture on a website and came to see specifically.

Molly is a wonderful puppy, we could not have asked for better. She is huge, at least 60+ pounds and is 9 months old. She is a lot of fun to play with and still has a puppy personality in the yard. But she can also be very calm and relaxed and obedient, not at all like a puppy. She is amazing with our busy two year old who is not always good with boundaries. She has never acted out at him, though he has deserved it plenty of times. He loves her and she seems to like, or at least tolerate, him. Actually, they are really becoming buddies. He looks for her first thing in the morning and she looks for him. Usually she barrels into his room when I open the door and about gets in his bed, covering him with kisses. She loves attention and wants to be wherever we are. She has also figured out quickly how to be a princess, finding the most comfortable spot in the room. If there is a blanket or pillow left around, she will be on it.

My husband has wanted a dog for a long time (as have I) and she has been exactly right. Sure she drools, but she is a hound dog. I love that we were able to help a dog that had a really bad start in life and provide her with a home. She is our pound puppy and I am grateful for her.

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