Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Grown Up?

It is happening...I am starting to feel like a grown up.

I probably should have come to this realization a while back. After all, I have been a legal adult for over ten years. I have two degrees, I am a homeowner, a parent and a responsible citizen. Most people probably trust me as an adult. I would agree that I have been an adult for several years but being a grown up is on a completely different level.

Why is this? Well, now I have kids. I am not used to saying the plural yet and saying that just adds to my age. You see, I guess my thought was that we can still be that young couple with their first child. But as soon as a second is added, I think the perception of my age is increased.

Also, I am no longer considered the younger one of the group. Most of my friends are in their thirties but no longer look at us as younger. I was always the youngest by several years in most of my jobs and that left me feeling young. But, now people are surprised to hear my age so I am no longer considered the young one. I did not appreciate that as I should have when I was twenty. And teenagers now think of me as old, not just older.

This is the kicker for me...I am almost thirty. Not quite yet (as my son would say), but close enough. My next birthday, in less than two months, will be my...29th. I am in my last year of my twenties. How did that happen? It is a little more traumatic because up until about a week ago I thought I was turning 28. That is not new for me though, I think I have been 28 for the last three birthdays. For my 27th I thought I was turning 28, last year I had it right and this year I just couldn't remember my age again. I had to think about the year I was born to confirm my age! 29 just sounds like a grown up (not old, just grown up). I really thought 25 sounded old when I turned that age (I know, anyone 26 or older is rolling their eyes) but that was just a stepping stone into grownupness.

I am mainly writing this so that when I am 38 and about to turn 39 I can read this and roll my eyes. By that time my oldest will be about to turn 13 so I will be reminded often how old I am anyway.

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Kyle Gilbert said...

Last week, when I was driving to work with my hair sprayed green for Saint Patrick's Day, I had the same thought, and I felt a little foolish walking into the office that way.

Then I decided that I may be getting old, but I don't have to act old.

There's no escape. Weirdness is my destiny.

Always enjoy your posts, Jordan. Keep them up.