Monday, September 7, 2009

Worth Fighting For?

My husband has been watching Band of Brothers on tv. I like to see shows from the beginning so I haven't stopped to watch it with him but I did stop for a moment tonight. This episode was called "Why We Fight" and it involved the struggle the WWII soldiers were facing as the wondered if their sacrifice to fight was even worth it. They weren't sure exactly why they were fighting the Nazis, and if it mattered at all. And then they came across a concentration camp, not knowing those camps existed. Suddenly it was disturbingly clear to these young men why they were fighting. Their lives would be forever altered by the atrocities they saw, the evil they witnessed and the worst of humanity. There was not then and is not now many who question whether or not WWII was worth fighting for when thinking of the Holocaust alone. There was evil being done on the other side of the world and our country, as a strong nation, had the moral obligation to stop the harm being done to weaker countries and prevent the danger from coming to our land. The history books do not tell of wide spread dissention. Instead there are stories of sacrifice both from the soldiers and the people at home.

What will history books read about the United States and the fight we're in now? Likely that we pulled out before the task was complete and that Americans questioned the US' invasion and work being done in the Middle East during the entire war. But is the difference between why we were in WWII and why we are in Operation Iraqi Freedom? Why doesn't the US still have the moral obligation to defend weaker nations and prevent attacks on home soil? The cruelty done to the Jewish people, and people of other nationalities, during the Nazi reign is unimaginable and will hopefully never happen to that extent again. But it could. Why would Sadaam Hussein, or any one else, be less capable that Adolf Hitler of causing inhumane distruction? So why is it so horrible (according to so many Americans) that the US stepped in to prevent the escalating evil? Not to mention stop what was already happening? Mass genocide happened in Iraq, not only in Germany. How easily forgotten that is.

Thank you to the committed soldiers who are sacrificing, and whose lives will be forever changed by what they are going through right now. May you be protected from danger, honored for your work and know "Why We Fight."