Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mama, Will You Sing...

This evening was one of those evenings.  Here is the series of events:
  • Battery light comes on in my car.  I look in the book and it tells me that the battery is weak.  Talk to my husband, he'll take it to get it replaced.
  • I am in the neighboring city to pick up my son, about 25 minutes from home, and stuff starts going wrong.  The radio is going in and out, a/c isn't functioning correctly, ABS light comes on, all as I am turning onto the street to pick up J.
  • Unload Baby B, pick up J, load Baby B and J back into the car.  Turn on the car...well, try to turn on the car. It won't.  So I unload Baby B and J and ask our friends for help in jumping the battery. 
  • This was annoying (and I was cursing the book for just saying "weak battery" not "drive at a high speed to the nearest auto shop to change the battery") but not a problem.  We were at the house of our very good friends so J kept having fun while they helped us out and I didn't have to risk blowing up my car trying to jump the battery.  I was also able to make sure Baby B was fed, which turned out beneficial for all of us. The car started up immediately.
  • I load the kids back up and start driving home but then realize the computer of my car is not working and I make the turn to take the back way/non interstate way home. 
  • I start getting a little nervous, just wanting to make it home. I make it about 10 minutes and then...well, I don't know what happened but I knew it wasn't okay.
  • At this point, J is asking to hear one of his favorite songs on the radio and I tell him that it isn't working.  So he wants us to sing it.  He was also disappointed that I didn't bring his Imagination Movers cd.
  • It starts getting worse.  And worse. And then my car dies. At a huge intersection still about 15 minutes from home.
  • So now I am sitting with a dead car, waiting for my husband and a police officer.  Though I have my caution lights on, apparently in this area of town the caution lights mean start honking loudly and gesturing to the stalled car at the green light.  It is starting to get really warm in the car. I am trying to stay calm.  I am just waiting for Baby B to start crying. And praying we don't get rear ended. J asks again to sing his favorite song and starts singing in the backseat.
  • Husband, police officer, and a random man who J called a cowboy show up so we moved to husband's truck while they try to jump the battery again long enough to move it to a nearby parking lot. After a long wait, realizing the battery won't stay charged and there was no way to push it into the parking lot, the car has to be towed away. 
  • So we drove home, having the fun "how much is the going to cost?" discussion with the stress levels a little high and my son again asks for his song, to which we all sing along.
What was this song?  It was Matt Redman's "Never Let Go" (though J knows it better as the song his daddy sings on a cd).  Here is the chorus J kept singing:
Oh no, you never let go, through the calm and through the storm.
Oh no, you never let go, every high and every low.
Oh no, you never let go,
Lord, you never let go of me.

It was just what I needed in each of those moments, to hear a sweet toddler voice reminding me that God never lets go.  It brought a needed peace to the stressful situation: of driving a car that started having issues with my two kids in it, then waiting in a busy intersection in the stalled car with my two kids in it, then worrying about the financial aspects of it all.  God is so good in how he takes care of us in all things, even using a song.

And then, after a not so great evening, the dog throws up in the living room.  There isn't a song for that.  I'm calling it a night.