Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thankful Today #20

#20- I am thankful for my husband's commitment to getting healthy

When we were at a youth event, two friends of my husband were discussing their plans to begin a workout starting that Tuesday, the day after Labor Day. My husband had been looking for a workout and some guys to go through it with so he decided to join them. They started meeting at 6 am (!) to do P90X. It is 6 days a week for a total of 90 days and today completes their 90 days. Technically, it has been a week over because they redid the first week to allow some more guys to join in so I guess they did P96X.

I have heard about a lot of people starting P90X but I have rarely ever heard about people completing it. They complain a lot the first 2 weeks and then suddenly nothing is said about the workout (and according to my husband, it doesn't get any easier). So, just the fact that he finished is something to be proud of. They started with 3 guys, added about 7 within the next few weeks and 3 ended up finishing, with one of the guys being one who worked out on his own because of the time. So, my husband and one other guy relied on each other for the majority of the months to meet and keep each other accountable. So I am proud of him for even finishing!

I am proud of his commitment to do this in the right way. First, the guys planned to meet early in the morning so that it wouldn't interfere with the time they spent with their families. That is something to appreciate. Then they met 30 minutes earlier to accommodate some of the guys who wanted to join in. My husband will be the first to say he doesn't wake up early for anything except to go hunting or fishing and that is only a day or two. He hates waking up early. But, he has met at the church for the past 9o days at 5:30 AM! 5:30! A guy who hates waking up early has had is alarm set to go off at 5 am every day since early September. He even did that when he knew no one else would be there. I think the morning I was the proudest of him was when I heard him come back in the house at 5:45. He had forgotten his church keys and none of the other guys were able to be there to let him in. So, even though he knew no one else would be there, he drove home and got his keys and went back up there to work out for an hour. He could have easily gone back to bed and slept that morning but chose to stick with his commitment.

I am proud of him getting healthier. It would have been nicer for him to choose a time that I wasn't pregnant and feeling huge but, oh well. The workouts are known to be intense. I was tired when he just described the warm up! It is a video based program so he really could go easy on himself but one of the things I like about my husband is that if he is going to do something, it won't be half way. He and his buddy have really been pleased with the results and are going to continue the next level of the program, adding in the eating plan. It is easier for him to run in the yard with our son and puppy, he has more energy and just feels good. And he wasn't overweight by most people's standards when he started. He has a renewed desire to maintain the and build on the healthy changes in his body and eat healthier.

He is also being a great example to our son. He usually comes home right around the time J is waking up but sometimes J is up a little earlier. He always knows that Daddy is exercising. J "exercises" at school so he thinks its pretty cool that he and Daddy both do that! It will be a wonderful example as our son gets older to be committed to being healthy. Not to mention that it is a huge motivator to me! I can't do much right now, being pregnant, but I can't let my husband look good and then me not care about my health! So it looks like I'll have to start working out after the baby is born : /.

I am sure I lost most readers by now, but obviously I am really proud of my husband and for his care for his health, I am grateful.

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