Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankful Today #15

#15- I am thankful for my son

My son is a two and a half year old, 3+ foot, ball of sunshine. He feels my heart with joy. He has a smile that melts you, a laugh that makes your heart dance and energy that will exhaust you.

He can send my head spinning with his questions, frustrate me when he throws fits and takes every bit of energy and time that I have. But the second I am not with him, I miss him. As soon as his eyes are closed to take a nap, my breath is taken away at how precious he looks.

I am amazed by him daily, just because of who he is. He makes me laugh both from his humor and just his simple mannerisms. He makes me smile at his thoughtful comments and I love to watch his imagination come to life. His creativity when playing is amazing to watch and the stories and ideas he tells us are so fun to listen to. His hugs are the best ever. He will go one hundred miles a minute, but still pauses to cuddle. He still thinks everything can be solved with kisses, and wants to make everything better for us. He shows thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

He is growing up so quickly. I wish I could bottle all of these moments and savor them forever. I have enjoyed what is already his past and am excited for his future. He is a precious gift and I am grateful for him.

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