Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankful Today #12- still thankful

#12- for a better attitude

If you were quick to read Friday's post, or now notice they are out of order, you notice something is different. I ended up having to remove Friday's thankful post because...well, I couldn't be thankful for it after all! But, it led to a different opportunity for gratitude so I am replacing the post.

The original post was for a fun surprise we got...and then I found out it was a scam on Sunday morning. I was so mad. I was mad at myself for falling for it. I am usually good at catching things but this one seemed so legitimate! Before it could get me into trouble I realized something didn't seem right and I did a little research and figured out the scam, but I was still bothered that I believed any part of it. I was really mad at the people behind it. I just don't understand why people are dishonest, cheat or steal. And I was very disappointed that it meant that I couldn't get something for my husband that was going to be a really cool gift. So, needless to say I was bummed. And then my son had an accident right after I found out about the scam after we'd had a really good day of potty training the day before. All of this while not sleeping well the night before. So I was in a BAD mood as we got ready for church.

Which gave me the opportunity for something new to be thankful for. I was thinking to myself that it was too bad that these things had happened that got me in a crummy mood because I was looking forward to this particular Sunday. And that made me stop and reconsider my reaction. I didn't have to be in a bad mood. I didn't have to let the morning's circumstances define my attitude for the day or my time in worship. In fact, I shouldn't. So I stopped and prayed that my heart would instead be focused on God, that he would give me peace about what I was bothered by and my attitude would change to one that was calm and positive. And that happened. I didn't feel bitter and bothered in the service, in fact I was more focused than I had been in a while. I enjoyed the rest of the day, especially the parts I had been looking forward to and it ended up being a great day. It wouldn't have been though, had I stayed bothered and let other things in the day just snowball and add to that bad attitude.

So I was thankful, that I was stopped from continuing my day in a bad mood. I am grateful that God can turn attitudes around, despite circumstances.

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