Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thankful Today #6

Sorry this is a day late

#6- Thankful for the time my guys have together

Saturday was an unusual day for me in that I had multiple events that my husband and son didn't go to with me. I had a luncheon and right before that, dinner plans were made for that evening to celebrate a friend's belated birthday. So, there was plenty of guy time for my two. The lunch time involved naptime for the little guy but the evening time involved eating Chicken Express (their favorite, not mine), playing outside and watching football. J was in bed by the time I got home but I got plenty of stories this morning about the fun he had with Daddy last night.

Someone asked at church this morning if J was at the age where he wanted me all of the time and I said "absolutely not, Daddy is the absolute coolest person in his world." But I don't say that with jealousy or bitterness at all. I LOVE that my son cannot get enough of the time he spends with his daddy and that he wants to be just like him. He mimics the actions Daddy does, repeats what he says and constantly talks about him. I am absolutely grateful that it is a good thing for my son to want to be like his daddy. I couldn't think of someone with better character, demonstration of faith and kindness to be the main example for my son as he learns to be a man of God. I know that is not the case for a lot of families in our world and it is something that I should and do have great appreciation for.

The cool thing is not only does my son adore my husband, but my husband adores my son even more. He loves his time with J and makes a very consistent effort to make sure he allows for plenty of time with him. If it will be a particularly full Tuesday away from the house, then my husband makes sure there is extra time on Monday or Wednesday to be with J and he is fully participating when they are together. They wrestle and rough house and do everything active boys do, but spend just as much time snuggled in the recliner reading a story together. He looks for ways to share experiences with J, not just the things my husband likes to do but will figure out the things that a 2 year old would value doing. There is no part of parenting that he is not fully involved in. He takes his role as J's father very seriously but loves every part of it, even the hard stuff because it is a part of getting to be J's father.

I am absolutely thankful that my son and husband adore one another and for how they enjoy their time together.

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