Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thankful Today #17

#17- I am thankful for my family's health

Tonight my son told me his neck hurt (pointing to where his throat would be) and his ear hurt. So, we are on watch now for signs of sickness in our usually very healthy little boy. I was disappointed for him, sorry that there was a chance he would be sick.

And then I read about a friend of mine who has a little boy close to the age of mine. Her two year old was in an ambulance, after being sick for several days, facing some serious conditions that might require surgery.
And then I read a blog that I follow (Bowen's Heart, mentioned in a past blog). This family finally got to take their 3 month old son home from the hospital for the first time today, knowing there is a future of further surgeries and challenges for him still.
Last night there was a commercial on tv about St. Jude's (I think) and my husband commented about our baby's health. We watched the heartbreaking pictures of the young kids enduring serious physical problems, both agreeing there would be little worse than seeing our own kids in those situations.
I have another family's blog that I have followed for several years, the Kelley's, as they have walked through the diagnosis, treatment and remission of leukemia of their then two year old little boy (who is now a 6 year old).

I am sorry if my little guy is getting to be sick. No mother wants their child to face discomfort. But I am absolutely grateful that this is all he'll have to endure right now. Our little girl is growing strong, all reports are that she is healthy and I'll get to hear her heartbeat tomorrow.

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