Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thankful Today #10

#10- I am thankful for changing seasons

I don't exactly live in an area where season changes are quite as distinct as other regions, but I still enjoy the gradual transitions that the world around me goes through.

My favorite is the change to autumn, which is what has initiated my thankfulness today. Just this week I have noticed the trees have begun to take on beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red. My son follows the example of my husband, pointing out the colorful trees to me because they know I love them (actually my son just points out any random tree, it is still cute nonetheless!) Though it is now warm again, the weather cooled for a short period and is supposed to cool again soon. Autumn may be my favorite because it brings relief from sweltering heat, ushers in my favorite holiday seasons and has the prettiest of scenes in nature.

I love season changes in life too, maybe another reason I appreciate the visible transition God puts nature through. I think knowing that times in life are just a season, as Ecclesiastes describes, make it easier to walk through the tougher seasons. Though there are some instances in my life that I would rather not have to go through, it is a comfort to come to the end of the season and see the new life coming with the next one. It makes it where I can learn from the time period, rather than be overwhelmed. And then there are some seasons of relief and peace, giving me time to prepare for whatever may come next.

I have no clue as to the scientific reasons for seasonal changes except something about the earth's revolution around the sun. I can enjoy the benefits though and be thankful that they come.

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