Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Thankful Today #16

#16- I am thankful for a few extra minutes of sleep

Ever since the fall time change, my son is sleeping past 7 am. Not much past, but past nonetheless! For any mom of a young child, that is valuable! It is a big deal for me because I am someone who enjoys a few minutes of peace before the day begins. Unfortunately, my dog still wants to be let out and fed around 6:30-6:45, which is when she was used to my son getting up (my husband isn't there, he's working out at that time). Even then though, if I haven't already woken up on my own, it means that I have a few minutes to myself. I get to turn on the news, make some hot tea and ease into the morning. That is a luxury that I haven't gotten to enjoy very much over the last 2 and a half years! My son doesn't exactly let us sleep in (and both my husband and I are night people, not the first ones up in the morning) so usually I am stumbling to his room as I hear him wake up and am thrown into the whirlwind of energy that comes with my son from the moment he wakes up.

As soon as I get used to one wake up time, it will change, but for now I am grateful for my son sleeping a little later.

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