Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thankful Today #3

#3- I am thankful for the sweet, simple moments that made me smile today

I have been in kind of a down mood. Probably because I am 5+ months pregnant and sleeping is becoming less and less comfortable, causing me to be permanently tired. It is easy for me to get in a funk and let certain things get me down. So, I have been particularly glad for this blog project today because it caused me to appreciate things more.

Like this morning-
My husband got home from working out and our toddler was still asleep. He went to get cleaned up and the dog had already woken me up to go out and to eat so I went back to bed to watch the news (I don't normally get to do that because my son is usually the one who wakes me up and I don't watch regular television with him). Soon though, a smiling little sleepyhead walked down the hall and climbed into bed with me. He was greeted with the surprise of donuts that Daddy brought home and milk, quite the treat! Soon all three of us were settled into bed, eating donuts and sausage kolaches, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Then our "puppy" decided to figure out how to jump up on the bed. Our 65 pound, all legs, bloodhound puppy joined us in bed. The combination of an active two year old and huge puppy was more chaos than anything else but it sure made me smile.

This afternoon-
The sun came out. It was cloudy and rainy for the entire day yesterday and for all of this morning with a significant drop in temperature. It was glooooomy. So, it sure was nice this afternoon to look outside and see the sunshine. Now it is a beautiful sunny evening with cool temperatures.

This evening-
Just watching my son eat spaghetti was something that made me smile. He was just so cute eating it and then his messy face afterwards was pretty adorable.

So today, I am thankful that everyday there are little things in my life that make me smile.

***I had to come back and add another smile:
My little boy and I were reading a book together (he loves to read books with us). He wanted to read it again, after I finished, so I asked him to read to me. He said "you nuggle me and I read to you". So, I snuggled my little boy as he read his favorite Dr. Seuss book to me. The page read "BIG O, little o, what begins with O? Ostrich, oil, orange owl. O...o...O" and had a picture of an ostrich pouring oil from a can on an orange owl's head (don't ask me, its Dr. Seuss. He's weird). My son's interpretation of that page was "bird pouring apple juice on his head. We then read several more books while snuggling on the couch. As we finished one, he'd run to his bookshelf and get another and climb back in my laugh.
I am thankful.

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