Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How Am I Doing?

I said that I would update with how I am doing on my goals so here goes...

I will keep the dining room table clean so that the three of us can eat at the table. The mail has to find a new home.
Doing pretty well...we eat dinner at the table for most of the meals but sometimes I have to clean it off before the meal :). I really enjoy our dinnertime together and I think it is getting the little guy used to having meal time together.

When I have a "great intention" I will write it down or tell my husband about it so that I won't forget it or have motivation to follow through.
Honestly, I can't think of a great intention that I have had! I guess I did want to make cookies for my husband's trip and I did. I don't know if telling him helped or not.

I will keep up with the calendar that is now on my fridge.
I think I have kept up with it.

I will read the Bible in a year.
I am pleased to say I have kept up with this well. I have not missed a day, even when going out town. And, I am really enjoying it.

I will blog at least once every two weeks.
You know I have already messed this one up :). =

I will cook more vegetables with meals.
I still need to improve but we have had veggies with most meals.

I will always have some sort of dessert for my husband.
I think I have done this most days, at least with cookies. It really helps that my mom bought him a lot of his favorite Girl Scout cookies!

I will do one craft project each month.
When I do a project, I like to spend at least a few hours on it at a time so it isn't working out well right now. My little guy hasn't slept great at night for the last few weeks and has been waking up earlier so I have to choose to stay up late or be sleepy the next day. I have worked on the stocking I have been cross stitching for a looong time though so I have an outlet.

I am going to keep our home neater.
I just need a new home.

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