Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two in a Row

I should just stick with what I know. I have plenty of talents and things I am good at that I enjoy. Cooking is not one of those. We have to eat though and I have some dishes that I do well so I should be wise and not try things that are too involved. This point was made tonight.

So tonight was as much of a dinner disaster as last night but this time I am surprised that I came out of it without 3rd degree burns. I was making Rachel Ray's enchiladas- 30 Minute Meals my foot. It was an hour and a half. It involved making homemade enchilada sauce. I know what you are thinking "Senorita Gringo, there are plenty of good sauces that can be bought at a store." But no, I can't resign to the fact that I probably should take the less complicated route until I have burnt fingertips, a red splatter painted kitchen and a dinner that took waaaaay to long to cook. And have I mentioned that my electric stove is stupid? Luckily, I have a husband that is excited to see his son after work and kept him occupied during the time.

We're having leftovers tomorrow.

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