Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A Little Boy!

We learned last week that we are going to have a son! It was amazing to see him through the sonogram. He has grown so much since the last time we saw him and is absolutely perfect. It was fun to see him moving around, kicking his legs, waving his arms, and (I believe) smiling at us. My husband is certain he was singing! It is fun to daydream of his personality and the joy he will bring to our days.

We heard something on the radio about young men and I told my husband "you have a big job in teaching our little boy." I was teasing at the time but the thought remained with me. I am so grateful that I have a husband who will do such a wonderful job in leading and teaching our son. Not only do I trust his intentions and that it will be a priority to him to be a guide to our son but even more, I know he will be an example of Christian character. I believe that an example has much more lasting impact than words.

My mom told me that having a child will make me love my husband even more. I didn't know that it could start in my pregnancy though. He is so excited about our child and absolutely loves him. His excitement is contagious and makes it clear that he will be an involved daddy. He has been so caring towards me and has been patient and celebrated everything about my pregnancy. I thought about this the other night and was saddened for the families where the father is uninvolved or uninterested. I am so grateful for my husband's excitement and love for our son.

I never thought that I could be as excited as I am about playing with cars and blocks. I am about as girly as they come but I can't wait for the excitement of a little boy in our lives. If he is anything like his daddy, he will bring a lot of joy.

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