Tuesday, August 25, 2009

At the Table

The dinner table is a pretty special place in a family's home. I was reminded of this thought during this past weekend.

My family had the opportunity to spend time in the house my grandparents lived in for 41 years. It has been beautifully converted into a bed and breakfast and will continue to be a place where people are welcomed and memories are made for years. I spent a lot of time in that house as I grew up and it is a precious place to me. The new owner has been so kind and gracious to my family, honoring that this was home to them. On Saturday, she invited us to visit the house and share a breakfast. We enjoyed touring the home and the food was delicious but what was the most special happened after breakfast. The owner of the home was curious about the house's and family's history so the family spent time around the table sharing memories. I love to hear my family tell stories, there are wonderful story tellers in the group, but what I really enjoyed was thinking back to the hours I have spent in that house around the table listening to stories. We enjoyed Sunday afternoon lunches, holiday meals and other meals "just because" in that home and no time around the table ended just because we finished eating. Rather, we sat there for a long time afterwards just talking...like they did on Saturday morning. Someone always said, "lets go sit somewhere more comfortable" but it would take awhile before we moved. The dining room table is now in a different room, but the stories were still there. I really missed Meme that morning, knowing she would have loved being in the middle of it (and probably telling us a story she'd told us a hundred times...but I would give anything to hear them one more time).

Right now it is pretty difficult to have a peaceful mealtime with a 16 month old. But, Saturday morning reinforced to me the importance of making it work. I want years for our family of spending extra time at the table, just because we enjoyed being together.

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