Saturday, January 23, 2010

Two Little Boys

I have been watching the Hope for Haiti telethon tonight and just saw the feature presented by Anderson Cooper of the orphaned children. There were hundreds of thousands of orphans in Haiti before the earthquake and now there are probably hundreds of thousands more. I have long had a heart for the parentless (whether they do not have living parents or the parents are absent for other reasons). I knew it would be heartaching to watch the segment on the orphans but I did anyways.

And then I saw a sweet little boy, probably under the age of two, looking at the camera with big, beautiful eyes and sucking his thumb. I have a sweet little boy under the age of two who has big, beautiful eyes and he sucks his thumb. But tonight he is tucked into his bed, in his room, in his house, knowing his parents are on the other side of that door and he has a day filled with fun and hugs tomorrow. My little boy sucks his thumb when he is tired, or hungry, or in a situation that he is unsure of. I wonder why that little Haitian boy is sucking his thumb...he is probably tired, because he doesn't have a home to rest in. He is probably hungry, because he is in a nation that was already starving and now they are fighting for food. And he is probably in a situation that he is unsure of...because he doesn't have a mama and daddy on the other side of the door and his tomorrow probably won't be filled with fun and hugs.

I thought of my little boy and as I write this I have tears running down my face. I cannot even begin to fathom my son without his daddy or me but I can't even let my mind go to think of him living abandoned and scared, without loving arms to hold him. This little boy had a mama and daddy too, who probably wanted everything for him like we do for our son. I am so grateful to know that we have family and close friends who would guarantee that my son was immediately cared for, and that he would have tomorrows of fun and hugs.

I told my husband that I wanted to go to Haiti and just hold and hug the sweet, young children. And then bring them home with me.

Dear Lord, please put your loving arms around these young precious children. Let them experience your love, while they cannot physically feel the love and comfort of another person right now. Give them the food they need, water to drink, medical care to sustain them, and more than anything give them people that care about them. Let them feel your comfort and peace, when their world is so far from it. And let your Name be made great in all of this. Amen.

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