Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Turning Off the Television

I am in shock. How irresponsible and flat stupid are people? A madman took 31 innocent lives and now he is being made infamous. The media is actually showing the disturbing manifesto he left behind. He mailed it to NBC in between two shooting sprees. How much more of a clear message did he need to send that he wanted attention for this act? He is ranting his "message" to the world, giving him the voice he did not feel that he had while he was alive. WHY ELSE WOULD HE HAVE MAILED IT TO A MEDIA CENTER??? He knew the media moguls would feed into society's desire for sensational news. He knew that he would have the opportunity to get the attention he apparently desparately wanted. He is getting to share his message and took 31 lives for this opportunity. And the American culture fell right into his plan.

The most upsetting- on many news websites, they are displaying a picture of the killer aiming a gun at the camera. It shocked and disturbed me but I absolutely cannot imagine the reaction of the victim's loved ones who see that picture. The mother who just lost her child will be faced with the last image that her child saw before they were killed. Those pictures are absolutely immoral and irresponsible.

My husband is of the thought that he and other killers should never have their name released to the world. I'm beginning to completely agree with that. The media and public are not responsible enough to not immortalize him.

I am writing emails and comments to many news outlets voicing my opinion. I know my little voice will not mean much but it is important to me to at least tell someone at those studios of my opinion.

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